Aideen on Soulful Sauna Podcast

SOULFUL SAUNA ~ Stories of Self Mastery with Your Host Juliette Noske

This podcast is about stories of Self Mastery with everyday people, who are all special in their own way.

The ability to master your self. That brings in a bigger question “what is the self?”, for now we will put that question to the side.Self-mastery is when we are able to control our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. We begin to developing self-discipline, self-control, transmuting unhelpful behaviours into ones that allow us to flourish.

Putting the ego-mind in the passenger seat and the conscious mind in the drivers seat.

Episode 018 ~ with Special Guest Aideen Ni Riada

In this episode we speak with Aideen Ni Riada about how important your birth name is and how she works with people to reclaim their connection to their name. We speak about Aideen’s movie worthy romance and the opportunity to grow through relationship. Touching on the power of mantra, meditation and prayer within our self-mastery journey. Aideen also shares about the transformation that she and her business have been going through and the challenges or resistance that happens when change occurs.

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