Resonate Voice Mentoring is for heart-centred, creative people who want the confidence to share their gifts!

Are you holding yourself back? Is your voice on mute? Are you still hiding in the shadows?

It doesn’t have to be this way – start your transformation today!


* Gain confidence in your voice!

* Really show your true value!

* Let your message resonate deeply to the heart of your clients

* Develop your creativity and intuition for problem solving

* Connect with your soul’s purpose


If you’re ready to finally trust that your own gifts can guide you  – Resonate was made for you!


This is for:

* Small business owners doing self-promotion

* Creative people who need confidence in their vision

* Introverts who struggle to to network


When you’re no longer holding yourself back, you can bring magic back into your LIFE & business!


“I gained the courage to speak my truth and let people see the light that’s in me!”

Mary Jane McQueen, Artist & Graphic Designer

“I’m truly beginning to speak from my heart naturally and joyfully”

Leslie Sack, Owner Leslie Sack Dance Studio


Imagine creating your ideal life, work and clients by aligning to your JOY & Passion.

Your message matters! It is your truth. It represents the values that you embody. BUT it has to come from your CORE. 

Your INNER VOICE is offering you guidance. You just need to learn to listen and RESONATE with that.

By resonating with your inner guidance you will develop your completely unique business and your message will magnetise clients who really need you!

In RESONATE you will connect with your voice, your message and you’ll receive the support you need to trust yourself and have the courage to express it.

Here’s how…

RECONNECT to your innate creativity through sound & singing. Activate your heart and mind for out-of-the-box thinking that makes marketing FUN.

FOCUS on your authentic mission and message. Establish habits & strategies that support your business AND your wellbeing.

INSPIRE others by sharing your unique gifts and putting your business into the spotlight in your own way!

I invite you to apply to join us!!


Pay In Full for 3 months: $777 Pay Monthly: $270 per month

Scholarship Available:

Apply to [email protected]

Program includes

* 2 x group mentoring sessions a month

* 30 min 1:1 voice mentoring session monthly

* Strategies to empower your unique voice

* Tools for manifestation & abundance

* Energetic support throughout

* Access to recordings of each group session

* Recorded guided meditations for daily use


Day: Wednesdays 12pm EST, 5pm BST

Duration: 90 minutes

“Aideen has helped me to get unstuck, leaping forward in writing my stories.

I learned to listen to my intuition and have taken my novel writing career to a whole new level!

She helped me believe that my voice is important and needs to be shared with the world in a bigger way, thus helping more people.

I highly recommend Aideen to anyone who wants to venture further in life using their gifts and talents, living from the heart!”

Elizabeth Ann Thompson, Romance Fiction Novelist


  • Amy Lanci
    Aideen really supports you in finding the blocks restricting your voice. The way she does this is so profound!
  • Kim Downey
    Aideen blows me away every time with her insightfulness and deep understanding of what is holding me back from living my best life.
  • Mary Jane McQueen
    Aideen helped me feel more confident in letting my true heart light shine as I inspire others to explore their creativity and promote more kindness in the world.
  • Michelle Connor
    Aideen has a wealth of knowledge on life coaching, building self-confidence, and the importance of finding our own voice.
  • Collen Rosenblatt-Farrell
    Your warmth, playfulness & transparency create a beautiful learning environment. Thank you so much!
  • Elizabeth Ann Thompson
    Aideen has helped me take my novel writing career to a whole new level! Aideen has helped me to get unstuck, leaping forward in writing my stories!

I'm Aideen

I’ve been there – I had skills and experience but no direction!

I knew that I had a unique mission and gifts that didn’t fit into any typical career or job – but what was my next step?

Thankfully, I stopped trying to figure it out myself and I asked for guidance.

I simply said ‘I want to work with music more – help me!’ and within 3 weeks I had my answer. ‘Do a singing workshop for adults’.

Now, after many years of following my inner knowing and divine guidance, I have a business and clients that I am SO proud of!

It all started with letting go and trusting!

Now, I help heart-centered creatives energetically unlock the soul of their business so they can confidently share their message & magnetize ideal clients with ease.


Aideen blends psychology, spirituality and singing to uncover the treasure of YOUR voice.

She is an Intuitive Voice Coach who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs to speak up and share their gifts.

Aideen  has extensive experience and qualifications including Diplomas in Public Relations, Meditation and a Degree in Psychological Studies.

She is currently expanding her wisdom through study with The Indian School of Natural Spiritual Sciences.



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