Back in 2022, I decided that I wanted to bring voice experts together who aligned with my philosophy that everyone’s voice has value. And the first Voice & Song Summit was born. Now we have had two wonderful summit events, we have added a FREE one hour monthly event that anyone can attend. You are invited!! Join us!

We believe that finding your voice through voice-work, singing and even songwriting can TRANSFORM your life, work and business. 


Voice work gives you confidence in your unique voice!

Singing engages more of your brain which helps you in problem-solving.

Through our voices we gain awareness to heal our past and connect with others authentically.

Voicing our intentions as songs are a powerful manifestation tool.


Wed 13th Sept 9am EST, 2pm Irish Time

Wed 1st Nov 1pm EST, 5pm Irish Time

Tues 12th Dec 3pm EST, 8pm Irish Time

 Are you interested in exploring the potential of your own voice for empowerment, healing and transformation?

Then The Voice & Song Sessions are for YOU.

The format is 20-30 mins vocal coach expert discussion, then breakout rooms and then attendee Q&A.

All are welcome!

Click ABOVE to join us! (usually the first Saturday of the month)

SCROLL DOWN to watch recording of previous sessions.



  • Lisa
    This whole event has been wonderful. The summit was fantastic and I love the idea of having more panel discussions!
  • Chris
    So great to be a part of today! Glad I took the chance and joined.
  • Carina
    Thank you all so much for all the inspiration and joy that you have shared!
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