Are you ready to rediscover the joy of singing, even if you’ve been told you can’t sing or aren’t sure if you have a voice?

By the way, you absolutely do have a voice, and now is the perfect time to find out!

Think about legendary singers like Bob Dylan – imperfect voices that touched the hearts of millions. You can do the same. Your voice, whether you believe it or not, is completely unique and can reach your listeners.

When you learn to sing a song, you’re choosing to express yourself in a raw and real way. The songs you choose reflect your heart’s messages. Even if you’ve sung before but find yourself losing your voice or struggling with high notes, I’m here to help.

My lessons are fun, informal, and relaxed – designed to take you from singing in the shower to confidently belting it out at parties or concerts.

Here’s what you can expect:

Feel More Confident in Your Voice – Uncover the hidden potential in your voice and gain the confidence to share it with the world.

Experience Freedom & Joy in Your Singing – Singing is not just about hitting the right notes; it’s about feeling the joy and freedom that comes with expressing yourself through music.

Learn Your Songs – We’ll dissect your favorite tunes so you not only sing them but truly know them, infusing your performance with authenticity.

Confidence goes beyond outward appearances—it’s about all the chances we miss by holding ourselves back. Once, I missed a chance to audition for Riverdance due to a lack of confidence but my desire to sing led me to a self-confidence journey. I mastered strategies to silence negativity and conquer fear. Now, after 7 years as a voice coach, I appreciate and value myself.

You have value too. Self-doubt is a common hurdle, but with belief and strategies, you can overcome it. I’m here to help.

Get ready to share your voice with the world because the spotlight is waiting for you!

Ready to embark on this musical journey?

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Let’s turn your singing dreams into reality!




You CAN learn to sing! You will be shocked how quickly you’ll progress by investing in the right techniques & encouragement


Join my online group program to live your dream to sing with confidence. This community will appreciate you at all stages of your journey.


  • Patrick Morrissey
    If I wrote the words THANK YOU a million times it would not even be enough thanks for all that you have done for me to teach me how to sing in the way I always dreamed of!
  • Aine Gleeson
    I started with Aideen 1 year ago today. It has enabled me to sing confidently, allowed me to discover MY VOICE and bring it to places I never thought possible.
  • Olga Kalkis
    I discovered that I do have a voice! I learned that it's important to have fun in the process instead of only focusing on being better at something or being hard on myself.
  • Isaac W
    Aideen really helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of my voice and what makes it special. I now feel inspired and empowered to continue my singing journey.
  • Larissa Boland
    I've seen a massive improvement in how I sing at live gigs!
  • Brendan Kehoe
    Working with Aideen has completely eliminated my fear of performing in public.
  • Jackie O’Shaughnessy
    After just one lesson I was able to sing for longer without my throat becoming sore.


“Aideen got me ready in SIX DAYS for a performance with a symphony orchestra.

In six work sessions with Aideen she transformed my voice and my confidence by improving the economy of my breathing, and coaching me on my process for each phrase!

The calm confidence I was able to bring with me as I walked onto the stage to perform in front of an audience of 1500 absolutely astounded me. Aideen’s coaching is for ANY level of singer!

If you can work with her, DO IT! Highly recommend! Thank you, Aideen!”

Kathleen Veenstra Pool, Vocalist & Music Educator


I was thrilled to be featured on ‘Nationwide’ 

Ireland’s favourite TV show – going strong for 40 yrs!

Nationwide brings viewers an eclectic, heart warming round-up of news, views and events from around the nation 3 times a week. 

It really was a privilege to share my belief that everyone’s voice has value!


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