Hi, I’m Aideen!

Have you thought about taking a brave new step in life like starting a new creative project, promoting your business or asking for a promotion but almost instantly disbelief and nerves take over – screaming at you that it’s not safe and not even possible?

I’ve been there too!

I could feel that my life’s rhythm was off and I constantly wondered what was holding me back. Then, someone asked about my dream, and I said, “I want to be a singer, but I can’t do that.” That’s when I truly heard myself and understood what was going on inside me.

I was sabotaging myself with my disbelief and lack of self confidence. My inner voice was saying “I can’t.” I realised that I needed to harmonise my beliefs so I could use my voice to achieve my dreams before it was too late.

This journey led me to mantra meditation which helped to quiet my mind and connect me to my intuition. I began to hear a wiser voice within me that echoed beyond fears. I literally received a divine inspiration suggesting that I teach a singing workshop for adults and my an intuition-led life began! I found purpose and fulfilment that I had never experienced before.

I started my business teaching singing to adults but that was just the beginning. Singing was a key, but so was my background in psychology and spirituality. So, I developed a unique and holistic way of helping people find confidence using mantras, singing and more. Now my tool kit has expanded even more and with that the kinds of clients I work with.

For example, I’ve helped clients:

  • Compose impactful and authentic presentations for business networking
  • Fine-tune boundaries with clients who are also friends
  • Have confidence to create new offers and promote them
  • Keep steady and grounded while  dealing with crisis
  • Find inner harmony and self-forgiveness after financial disaster
  • Handle the stress of personal and health issues and recognise their own resilience

You might wonder – what does that have to do with singing?

Well, the strategies I’ve used to help vocalists find their unique voice and message seamlessly transfer to gaining confidence in using your voice in life and business.

I am passionate about helping you TUNE IN to your own values, message and intuition to STAND OUT with confidence in life and business.

Let the unique tune of your life resonate!


Aideen Ni Riada is an Intuitive Voice Coach, Confidence Coach, Mentor, and Singer on a mission to unlock mental and emotional blocks, helping her clients gain the confidence to be seen and heard.

She began with a desire to be a singer and on that journey she transformed her own self-doubt into self-confidence which paved the way for her holistic coaching approach. After seven enriching years in business as a voice coach for singers, now her focus has expanded to harmonizing the soul, instilling confidence, and nurturing leadership skills.

Aideen’s approach uncovers the hidden treasure within each unique voice. Passionate about guiding creatives, speakers, singers, and business owners on a transformative journey, she helps clients follow their intuition and authentically communicate their message. Whether singing or speaking, it’s about understanding the profound connection between authentic voice and the soul’s purpose.

With a background in Psychology from University College Dublin and fueled by a passion for investigation and a hunger for knowledge, Aideen’s teaching and mentoring style helps students overcome self-limiting beliefs. She blends her experience and knowledge of psychology, spirituality, and voice training to help her clients to find their voice.

Featured on RTE’s Nationwide, Beat 102 103, and South East Radio, Aideen’s work has been acknowledged in Ireland’s Own and the health supplement of the Irish Independent. Beyond coaching, Aideen creates and performs original music as a solo artist and in the band Cosmic DNA.

As an intuitive voice coach, Aideen’s focus is on unlocking individual potential, helping clients find their voice, and guiding them towards a confident, harmonious life.

NOTE: I am not a medical professional. As an intuitive voice coach, I am not providing healthcare, medical, or nutritional therapy services or attempting to offer medical advice, diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional.



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