I really can’t sing, is it possible to learn how? Even at my age?

Singing is a skill like any other and I believe that anyone can learn to sing. You will need to start where you are at and that means if you haven’t ever sung before then the process could take a little longer. Many children are brought up with music in the home but if you didn’t have an opportunity to participate then, it isn’t too late just start now and you’ll make significant progress with a little practice.

I’m really nervous, are you sure it could help me?

I specialise in helping people who don’t usually sing or who are lacking in confidence. Try a lesson and you’ll know if you feel comfortable working with me and we’ll go from there.  We will go at a pace that works for you and I’m confident you’ll surprise yourself how quickly you see improvements.

How do I get started?

To schedule a 45 min introductory lesson in person contact me (Aideen) on 089-9829914 and [email protected]. Lessons typically last 60 minutes for €60 with discounts on a series of 6 or 10 lessons. Vouchers are available also click here.

What is covered in a class?

We will cover breathing, posture, technique, how to develop your unique voice as well as bringing feeling into the song and how to deal with performance nerves. I’ll also explain that singing is a skill and we work at your own pace to develop the techniques you need.

How do online sessions work?

Having your individual singing lessons on-line using Skype or Google Hangouts can work really well. Where ever you are based, in Ireland or even around the world, we’ll still be face to face. We will sing together, make some funny noises and when you’re ready you’ll start learning a song of your choice. It is best to do your lesson in a space where you can stand up and sing out too. Book below

Would I be good enough for a Group Workshop or Course?

The group workshop morning session starts with with warm ups, tips and techniques as well as group singing so you’re sure to sound better after the morning session. The participants are all at different stages with their own singing and the group encourages and support each other and this is how your confidence will improve.

If you’re very concerned about trying a group workshop, we would recommend a private introduction lesson first.

What songs should I choose to sing?

Ideally choose a song to work on that you already know.  This will allow you to relax about the words and melody so that we can work on improving your confidence and vocal technique.

Eventually, the best songs for you to sing for others are the ones that mean something to you. Maybe you can identify with the words of the song having gone through something similar yourself or it reminds you of someone close to you. I believe that your version of that song will have a unique, positive impact on whoever listens to you when you sing from your heart.

What happens if I can’t make the date I was planning to attend?

Please click here for full Terms and Conditions which will explain your options should you be unable to attend.

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