Why I Wrote My Book

My journey to self-love was a rocky one. I had been navigating through life, trying various ways of living that simply weren’t working. My big dream at the time was to sing, but I couldn’t seem to find a clear path forward.

I found myself spending time in jobs I didn’t enjoy, some of which negatively impacted my health. However, I was stubborn about how things happen that I missed opportunities that could have been easier to follow.

The turning point came when I began the journey of learning to love myself when I met Mother Amma, also known as the hugging saint. When she hugged me, she spoke into my ear in Sanskrit, probably a mantra, and it felt like it was burrowing deep inside my soul.

From that moment, I started embracing myself more deeply, flaws and all. Another significant moment was when my teacher, Dennis, told me I was a kind person. It was a surprise to me because I hadn’t seen myself that way before. I began to notice my kindness, realizing that I often think of others and offered help.

During my journey to India to meet my teacher, Master Shashi, I sought a blessing to forgive myself for past mistakes. In my 40s, I felt I should have achieved more and known better in my life. With Master Shashi’s blessing, I started to forgive myself and my past mistakes.

Now that forgiving myself is easier, I’m able to hold myself more accountable for my actions. I’m more willing to recognize my flaws and strive to correct them. Seeing myself clearly is a blessing because, with a willingness to change, I don’t hold my flaws against myself, and self-criticism can’t take hold.

Being kinder to myself has allowed me to achieve more. I’ve stopped wasting time being hard on myself and am more willing to take chances, make mistakes, test my ideas, and move forward, even when I’m feeling unsure.

Now, I’m on a mission to encourage others to see their own value and help them understand that no one else gets to be them. As a community, we need to be able to just be ourselves and express ourselves from the heart. It’s only together that we can evolve as humans and as a society.

I’ve realised that the harder we are on ourselves, the darker our path becomes. The more we value ourselves and understand our capacity for growth, learning, and love, the greater our impact on others. Life becomes more fulfilling, and we can have a positive influence on the world. Now, I want to share this understanding with those who need it through my first book!

My book ‘Discover Your True Value’ is a guide crafted to empower you on your personal quest for self-discovery which is an easy 30 minute read. Through easy to take steps, this book invites you to explore the incredible potential within you.

Discover Your True Value will be available as an e-book in February 2024.


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