Reflecting on 2023! 🌟

✨ Reflecting on an incredible 2023! 🌟

Looking back on the past year, I’ve realized how important it is to see how much we’ve grown and faced challenges.

We all go through ups and downs, and it’s okay not to achieve everything we planned. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our successes, recognize our progress, and be kind to ourselves when things didn’t go as planned. Here’s to appreciating the journey, learning from it, and looking forward to what the new year has in store!

Here’s a snapshot of my journey both professional and personal:

🎙 Relaunched my podcast early in January 2023, following an exciting upgrade from its previous name, ‘Confidence in Singing,’ and expanding its scope. 🚀 Now boasting a total of 43 episodes and an impressive 2,212 downloads! 🎧 Click HERE to listen 

🌟 Finally transformed my brand Confidence in Singing to Resonate with Aideen at the end of 2023, aligning my identity and aspirations. Updated my website and added Mantra Meditation as a bigger focus for 2024. ✨ 

🎸 A special shoutout to my dad for inviting me to collaborate with him on PR and marketing of Green Road’s gigs and USA tours in March and September. Mike and I were delighted to tag along with Green Road on tour when they performed in Danville and San Francisco. Work with my Dad extended to promoting two festivals in my home town – the New Ross Guitar Festival and the Eugene O’Neill Festival of Theater in New Ross. 🌟

🌱 A big shift for me was finally embracing Traverse City as my home sweet home after 3 years of looking back to Ireland! I have formed meaningful connections and cherished friendships here in Traverse City and am starting more in person events here to help me put down my roots. 

🌟 Experience the joy of gigs and performances in Traverse City! Joined The Wild Sullys, gigged in local venues singing both jazz and Irish traditional tunes! Sang choral music with the Grand Traverse Corale choir, making beautiful memories throughout the year. 🎤

📚 Embraced learning opportunities! Worked with Ziza Nature to develop PR skills and collaborated with Sarah Leather on marketing – expanding my skill set for a well-rounded approach to success. Mentored by Rick Killian and Nancy Bos, took on strategic consultations with Leise Savage, and relaunched the podcast to Resonate with Aideen in October. A year of wisdom!

🌟 Received 18 glowing testimonials, including heartfelt words from Patrick Morrissey, “If I wrote the words THANK YOU a million times, it would not even be enough thanks for all that you have done for me to teach me how to sing in the way I always dreamed of!” 🌈

Isaac W expressed, “Aideen really helped me appreciate the uniqueness of my voice and what makes it special. I now feel inspired and empowered to continue my singing journey.” 🎤

Kathleen Veenstra Pool said, “Aideen got me ready in SIX DAYS for a performance with a symphony orchestra. My voice and my confidence were transformed by improving the economy of my breathing and coaching me on my process for each phrase!” 🌈

Aine Gleeson shared her one-year milestone, “1 year today, I started my first singing lesson with Aideen. It has enabled me to sing confidently, allowed me to discover MY VOICE and bring it to places I never thought possible.” 🌟

As 2023 comes to a close, I’m grateful for the challenges turned triumphs, the growth in wisdom and wellness, and the evolving perspective that guides me into a promising new year! ✨

Perhaps you would enjoy this exercise too – take some time to reflect on each big milestone of 2023, including your biggest challenges, triumphs, and growth. 🚀

What have you learned this year? How have you changed? What are the best habits you’ve gained? How have you grown? What strength did this year bring you? How has your perspective changed? How have your priorities changed? 🌟

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