Mantra Meditation Course

5 October 2023
Mantra Meditation Course
Our voice creates vibrations that can be healing for ourselves and others. Using mantras from ancient spiritual traditions can connect us to the Divine and awaken us to our soul’s purpose.
Join me for my first in person mantra masterclass since 2020. It will lift your spirits and give you more peace of mind.
The masterclass will include guided relaxation and mantras meditation from Yoga, Buddhism and Sufi tradition.
My own journey to self awareness started with meditation. As I learned to quiet my mind and relax in my own skin, I began to realise what was truly important to me and developed the confidence to pursue those things.
Now I am honoured to invite you to join me as I share my experiences and understanding.
Investment: $95
Time: 3pm – 4pm Irish Time, 10am – 11am EST
Date: Thursdays from 5th October
Duration: 8 week of 60 minute Classes
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