Molly’s Experience


Thank you, Molly, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Can you tell me what drew you to working with me Initially,

I think the first time I met you was on an online platform. And I remember there were other people in that platform, and I had this feeling just my heart was drawn to you. And knowing that you, you know, voice teacher and I had been looking for somebody just in the back of my mind, not so actively, but kind of this passive idea, like, Oh, I really need a voice teacher. And then I was like, Oh, my gosh, there she is. There’s the person.

What was going on at the time, that meant that you were interested in having voice coaching,

I have been teaching yoga and doing sound healing practices, as a sound healer. And I have been wanting to use more mantra in my yoga classes. And so, but I didn’t feel confident with how I was pronouncing the words or the quality of the tone that I was creating. So I really wanted to have more training in that in that regard.

What do you what was the main challenge that you feel you’ve overcome from working with me,

I think the holding I was holding the a lot of tension in the neck and the jaw from some past training that I’ve had, and different different styles of singing that I’ve done. And so being, learning to release the, the neck, the jaw, and keeping my posture straight, has been really key in producing the quality that that fits the mantra.

Was there anything that you got from the sessions with me that you weren’t expecting?

Yes, and you know, when I first wanted to meet you, I didn’t really know that you were you would, you knew Sanskrit and you are doing this type of mantra, singing yourself. I didn’t know that side of you. So I was, I’ve been totally blown away with that side of being able to learn this. The mantra and the singing style from from you. Oh, yeah, that was totally unexpected.

Wonderful. So what’s next for you? Now Molly, having done the sessions with me?

Yeah, so I am going to continue to dig deeper and mantra singing and really holding those lessons that you’ve taught me with the, again with my posture and holding the neck in the tongue, placing the voice in the correct position or in the front. Really, like pushed it out all the time. And yeah, just going deeper with the mantra and seeing more in that, you know, more say, more feminine side, as opposed to really pushing that masculine side of singing is what I’ve done in the past. Yeah,

absolutely. You can definitely hear some real sweetness coming through in your voice and and what would you say to someone who’s considering working with me?

Yes, so I would say that you have a gentle way I feel comfortable with you from the very first lesson. I felt very comfortable just singing whatever was coming from me. Never Felt judged. Never felt like I was embarrassed. It was just like, Okay, this is it, and you’re here to support and just that feeling of, you know, made me feel confident, regardless of what I was doing. I feel fine. Yeah.

Oh, I’m so happy that you’ve, you’ve gotten so much from the classes and I hope to see more of you in the future. And I’m so excited for your work with your scent healing using mantras.

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