EFT For Singing With Meryl Hayton – Episode 16

Meryl is an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner helping stressed and overwhelmed spiritual professional women heal from their past so they open up to receive more love, respect, support, free time and money in their lives.

She facilitates deep transformation of inner critic and inner child healing for her clients.

Connect with Meryl:

WEBSITE: www.merylhayton.com


Welcome everyone to the Confidence in Singing Podcast. I’m Aideen. And my guest today is Meryl Hayton, who is an EFT practitioner, and she’s going to explain exactly what that means in a moment. So, Meryl isn’t professional singer, but she does help people to be seen in different ways to stand up and to take a leadership role where necessary. And I believe that singing a song is a version of taking charge of the room. Because you’re asking people to pay attention to you. So what Meryl does, and it’s actually very useful for singers and especially for singers that maybe lack a little bit of competence and need to boost their confidence in order to be able to do what they love. Meryl You’re very welcome.

Thank you. Thank you. I’m glad to be here.

Would you like to tell us a little bit about your, what you work at and your story?

Yeah, sure. So I’m in New Jersey, I’m actually currently selling my condo and moving to the beach. So I’m very excited about that in about 10 days. And so I’m have a corporate accounting background and then owned a small nail salon for 30 years and became a yoga teacher and then close my salon three years ago to become a coach. I found EFT tapping, which we will talk about and get into a little sampling of about four years ago. And it has been a game changer and a lifesaver for me for sure. In healing my inner critic and healing my inner child and managing my stress and self regulating my nervous system and the transformations that I’ve been, you know, bringing my clients through our, it’s exciting, I’m in awe of it. And it’s just really incredible.

That sounds amazing, because I talk to my students a lot about finding their inner child, you know, and, and making sure that your inner child starts to feel playful again, because our inner child can be so it can be really hurting from the past, you know, we can even I have been doing a little bit of inner child work lately, about a situation where I remember, my I was unhappy, I was on a walk, I decided, I my hip was hurting, or it was tired or something and my mom wouldn’t listen to me that I was too tired to continue walking, I was about 10 I wasn’t even that small. But I was really unable to express myself. So I sat down on the floor and basically did a sit in you know, and my mom would just ignore me. And so the that would have happened more than once because she had five kids. So I was the eldest I should have known a little bit better. But I think it was just the stage I was at with my life. And I had a bit of forgiveness work to do around that. But you know, we all have that inner child that when it’s free, and playful, it actually is a liberating and joyous experience. Anything that helps people to connect with. That

is awesome. Yeah, absolutely. I I grew up with feeling sad. And my mom was critical. And I mean, I had a normal childhood my I grew up in a nice house in a nice town with nice people and but still, I wasn’t really supported the way that I needed to be on the inside. And I didn’t feel safe sharing myself or expressing my emotions, and I suppressed everything. And I had an incredible amount of negativity in my head and I just was on this lifelong self development journey of how do I get rid of it? Right and it really I mean, I did all the self development books and all the popular things and went through regular therapy and it still was just I was sharing but I wasn’t really healing and I wasn’t learning tools, you know on how to really help myself.

Was there a turning point then merit where you started to feel more that you could be more you that you felt more free to be you?

Yeah, it really wasn’t until four years ago when I started learning about mind body medicine and What was I really going to do with my life after I closed my salon? And it was, it was learning EFT and working with coaches and, you know, really learning tools to, you know, to heal myself. So journaling, and, you know, lots of practical mindfulness tools of meditation. And you know, I’ve done some Kirtan you know, chanting and nice, which I love. Yeah, and, you know, obviously, being a yoga teacher for the last nine years, you know, that’s helped and going on yoga retreats, and, you know, things like that you

always have a confidence about you. I mean, if you had a business for a long time, like you did, that must took a bit of confidence. So that, you know, we talked about, you know, building confidence with this with singing, but it sounds like, I’m wondering if you had confidence in only certain areas of your life? And that translated?

Yes, absolutely. So from nine years old, I was playing and doing my nails, I was like, always creative that way. So even though I was working in corporate accounting, and going to college at night, and things like that wasn’t for me, I didn’t want to work for anybody else. I didn’t like the nine to five thing. I wanted to do nails, I wanted to open up a salon. And I was very confident about that. And I followed my passion and my dream. And I did that for a very long time. But after about 20 years, I was really burned out. And I knew I still was like, still had all this chronic negativity. And it was cutting out in ways that I wasn’t happy about, because I would like burst out in anger. And I had a chip on my shoulder. And, you know, it just like, was always feeling like people were judging me. And it just was not good for my relationships. And I was not confident in my relation my my personal relationships, like with men in my intimate relationships, that’s where I really was, I grasped for attention there. And because I was looking for validation, and that’s really where I lacked, you know,

my, that was the pain point at that time, I guess. Yeah. Okay,

so, um, and then when I left my salon, you know, and so when I was in my salon, I was highly detailed person was very good at my craft, I had an incredible following for almost my whole 30 year career. And I was at the top of my game, in that, and there, you know, I could, I felt like I could do it with my eyes closed, right? It was just like it easy. And then when I left that, and I, I was going through my healing, journey, learning, coaching, learning, EFT, building my business all at the same time, which is a little crazy. There was a lot for a long time, I didn’t feel confident, because I didn’t, I wasn’t really fully healed, I needed to learn this new craft, I needed to hone my craft, I needed to feel confident in my craft, in order to know who I can serve and how I can deliver it. And, and then you when you get to that place, that’s when your business comes together. And it took me a couple of years to really figure all that out. And, you know, builds and find my confidence again, and it’s it’s a new level of confidence, because it’s, it’s, I have to express myself now I had to dig deep and do all of this healing and write all of the ways that I was struggling as a child, you know, and all my adult life with all this negativity, most of it’s gone now. You know, I have all this, you know, EFT stands for emotional freedom technique, so freeing myself of all of these emotions, and all of the emotional clutter that was inside. And, you know, now, now when I have, say, I mean, just the other day, I had a conversation with a gentleman on the phone, I do online dating. And he said, well explain to me like how you would help someone? And I said, Well, I’ll just use myself as an example. And I can just really talk about my inner child and, you know, no problem about, you know, where I am i It’s, it’s very freeing. It really is very

free so you don’t worry so much about judgments of others. Know, this is a really important thing for anyone who’s doing singing because part of the reason we’re so afraid to use our voices is we’re afraid that our voices will be judged.

Right? Absolutely. So what is the solution? Practice.

Do you

think, practice and wiping out whatever is blocking you?

Do you think that that feeling of I’m going to be judged comes from a situation or an An event that maybe happened in childhood?

Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So when I work with my clients, we start with, okay, their, their current situation is, you know, I feel I’m going to be judged. And on a scale of zero to 10, it feels like an eight. Okay, well, we do tapping, which we’ll do in a little bit. And we lower that number eight, down to around, maybe a two, and then I’ll start asking questions like, well, is this familiar to you? When people say, yes, it’s familiar to me, what is your earliest memory of feeling that people are judging you, and they’re able to go back in their mind and they go, Yeah, you know, when I was six years old, or when I was eight years old, or when I was in junior high or right, they everybody has some sort of event or situation that they can remember. And sometimes they can’t remember it when they’re at the eight, because there’s so much clutter, emotionally, and the energy is all blocked up. But the EFT can quickly open you up and create these shifts so that your wisdom can guide you to the next place that we need to go. And that’s what I help facilitate. And then when we fight, figure out what the earliest memory is, we either can do a clearing tool, use a clearing tool, and just wipe that event completely out. It’s, they’ll remember the event, but they won’t be attached to it anymore. And you know, instead of there being intensity about the event, there’ll be very just neutral about it. And that will stay forever. It doesn’t come back as long as we figured out all of the emotions that are attached to it. But the clearing tools can be wiped out. And I work with clients sometimes that have trauma. And they they say, I don’t want to tell you what it is. And they don’t have to. That’s the beauty of EFT is I can wipe out in an event. And they don’t have to tell me one detail about it. And

they just remember it selves while you’re able to work.

Yeah, they go through it in their mind. And all they do is express the emotion that’s attached to it or the feeling that’s in their body. And we can wipe it out very quickly, like in a session. It’s when you talked

about the frenemy in your body you mentioned earlier as well about your nervous system. Can you explain how EFT tapping works with the nervous with your nervous system?

Sure, well, just like an acupuncturist would use needles on your energy meridian points, it’s the same thing that we’re doing except we’re tapping using your fingertips. And the basic recipe, I’ll do it as I’m talking. The basic recipe is the side of the hand, and then the top of the head towards the back. And some people do both hands, I typically don’t. But we’re we’re targeting the main energy points by tapping on this basic recipe, they call it okay. And it is calming your nervous system and calming your energy and completely dismantling the attachment that you have to anything. I mean, it can be food cravings, and an under the arm here. It can be food cravings, it can be you know, money, blocks, singing blocks, emotional pain, I’ve healed myself working with another practitioner with gallbladder pain. Anything under the sun it can work on I mean, I have a niche for my business. But I have helped people with you know, many other things.

Do you work a lot with people who maybe need to speak or you know, in work environments? Do you have any stories or anything that you can share about someone stepping into their power, following using the techniques that you use? Even

Sure. I do work with spiritual professional women. So they’re all pretty much have their own business, or they work in corporate America and they have a side business that they aren’t confident enough to really step into yet. Right? So they’re building a business. They don’t feel confident either writing their copy and sending that out because they have fear of judgment, or they fear doing lives. I helped a woman. She said I’ve always kind of had a fear of speaking but this one time, I was standing up in front of a full audience of people. And I was feeling pretty confident in what I was talking about. And then someone asked me a question, and I froze. And it was i She said I’ve never recovered from that. So we worked on it. And by the end of the session, she said I think I feel confident enough to start practicing doing some Facebook Lives and like doing a Facebook Live to like a group with nobody like so that she could practice it or send it to her family or so. Something like that, you know? And I think starting small is is the way to go, you know? And yeah. Yeah.

Right. So, a little bit about your journey with singing, because you mentioned that you do enjoy singing from time to time.

You know, I, a long time ago, I dated a guy for many years, like five years, and he loved singing karaoke. And I never I was like, I’m not, no way. I’m not doing that. And maybe I did it once. But I was like, had many, many, many, many, many drinks, right. And one of the things that I’ve done in my life is, I mean, I’ve always been like, into health and wellness and stuff like that, but I’ve really stopped drinking and stopped partying and stuff and learned how to be me without that, right, that was a crutch for me at one point. And I felt like I needed to be to, you know, to have the drinks in order to really be more seen and stuff. So taking that out, it was like, Who am I right? Without the drinks. But I just like to sing in the car and in the shower, and in my house. And I was like, I really seems fun. And somebody was encouraging me to go and said, You know, I’m just gonna go, right, just gonna go. And I went to this place that I was comfortable going to it was a bar, although I wasn’t drinking. And I think I sang like a journey song or something. And people were like, you’re pretty good. And I’m like, I wasn’t bad. Like I was like, Okay. And then I love this one song called the joke by Brandi Carlile. And my voice can be a little soprano. So I was like, I think I could do it. But I’m gonna I have a friend who is a voice coach, and I said, I’m gonna call her and, and just have a session with her right. And so she taught me all the ways that I can, you know, the exercises that I can do, yeah, warm up exercises that I can do. And we did, I felt much more confident singing this one song. And, you know, she, I didn’t even realize you could pull up any song, like on YouTube, and with the words and all that. So you know, so I just started to get into that and build a list of what I felt comfortable singing. And then when I and then I started going out again, and realize there was like a whole group that was local here, you know, that met, like, weekly and did the karaoke. And, you know, and people were very encouraging. And it was, you know, and I was like, tell me the truth, like, what do I need to change? Or what do I need to, you know, do or should I not think that’s all longer? Right? And, yeah, it was, it really was a lot of fun. And I haven’t done it in a while, because I’ve been busy working on the nights now that they’ve had karaoke, but I’m going to look for it, where I’m moving to moving to an area where there’s a lot of culture and a lot of music, and I know they have karaoke, you know, somewhere. So

it’s so much fun. I mean, you’re such, I mean, I’m sure so many of my listeners can resonate with your story, because starting that journey, of finding the right songs that fit your voice, keeping a little list of them, you know, learning how to get the lyrics on YouTube, or even slow down the song on YouTube, because there are ways to change the playback speeds that help you to learn a song better, lots of little tricks, that could make a difference.

I didn’t know that.

For anybody listening, if you’d like to know how to do that, if you’re on a phone, there’s these three little dots, and when you click on them, and it’ll say playback speed, and 1.0 is the is like 100% of the speed and then you have point seven 5.75 or slow it down. And it will make it easier to catch the little small, faster notes. And there’s a lot of songs that actually my students even would prefer to sing it slightly slower like to give it their own their own sound, you know, to make it your own. Sometimes slowing a song down or speeding it up can be can be make it more original and more unique and more special. So yeah, that’s fun. I have a story from karaoke myself, actually. Before I started, you know, my business, I was on vacation holidays with my ex in Malta. And there was karaoke at the local bar. And I said, Yep, I’m up for it. Now at that stage, I knew I could sing because I had sung in choirs and stuff like that. But I had this like, confidence that wasn’t necessarily based on practicing. It was just based on usually I can rely on my voice. And I knew I could rely on my voice. So I said, Okay, I love this song by John Jackson. I think This is the title. And so I put that title in did that and it came up and it wasn’t the right song. It was like a really slow song, right? So I signed up there and I was like, not sitting back down. I’m not going to like embarrass myself. So I basically pretended I knew the melody of the song. And I sang, basically, just reading the words made it up. And obviously, I didn’t get any praise for that performance. But yeah, it was it was kind of it was fun. It’s a fun story to tell. And I’ve had one other really great experience with karaoke. I did karaoke in in Santa Monica, when I was on a course over there. And I sang a song from Yentl called Papa, can you hear me? And it’s really, like, it’s a powerful song, because it’s like, you know, it’s kind of acknowledging that someone who’s whose past and can maybe see you and you want them to, to know that you still care about them, and you hope that they, they, they approve of you, and approve your decisions. And at the end of it, one of the people who was there said, you know, that girl over there was crying while you sang that song. And I was like, really? So like karaoke? Yes. It’s a backing track. It’s not like a professional performance with a musician, right? But it can be a very powerful and very fun way to sing. So yes, I love that you’ve done it before. And I love I’m going to ask you to let me know how you get on with your karaoke exploration in your new your new community and neighborhood. Yeah, that’ll be fun. So will we try some EFT tapping right now then? No, I, I will admit, I have a very basic knowledge of it. And I have used it with students before. So some of you who are listening that have worked with me, I may have used a little bit as before, but I’d love for Merrill to take us through. And how, how do you choose what to say a little bit? And you know, what, we would be most effective? And we’ll just try it. And then we can have a chat about it afterwards as well.

Yeah. So you want to start with what your truth is? Right? So, you know, I have a fear of being seen, you know, and I have a fear of singing, right? Well, maybe we’ll just start basic. Yeah. So we’ll start tapping on the side of your hand. And what we do is we create a setup statement here, because you want to set into your subconscious exactly where your starting point is, right. So you’ll start with whatever your fear is right now to be seen singing, so rating it on a scale of zero to 10. Come up with your number, and create your baseline and then what is your goal? Like, what is your testable goal? I want to be able to, you know, freely sing without, you know, feeling any judgment? And then how would you know that you’ve accomplished that these are just some things to test back to?

Okay, so if anybody’s listening, they need to choose a number right now. So if they have any fear of being seen singing or to be to singing in front of people, pick the number of how high that fear is in you right now. Okay, when you have it, maybe you write it down in case you forget. And let’s try it out. Yay.

All right. So you’ll repeat everything that I say even though it might not resonate exactly with you, because we’re just, I’m just ad libbing and making it up. And you know, this is just very general today. But you can definitely I’m going to ask you to fill in the blanks so you can make it your own. All right. Okay. So even though I have this fear of singing, she want to repeat it

even though I have this fear of singing.

I choose to honor how I feel right now.

I choose to honor how I feel right now.

So you want to say what you’re, you know you’re working on and some acceptance phrase, because that’s what EFT is helping you to do is accept where you’re at right now. Okay? So even though I have this fear of singing,

even though I have this fear of singing,

I choose to acknowledge how I feel right now.

I choose to acknowledge how I feel right now.

And even though I have this fear of singing, even though I have this fear of singing, because I think people will judge me because I think people who will judge me? I’m choosing to accept myself anyway.

I’m choosing to accept myself anyway.

Right and then we go to all the other points in the basic recipe, top of the head. Again, it can be one or both hands. Okay? All this fear, all this fear inside the eyebrows, all this fear, all this fear and an outside the eyes, all this fear, all this fear and under the eyes, this fear, this fear. And under the nose, I just have this fear. I just have this fear. And on the chin, this fear, this fear and then under the collarbone. Take a deep breath in here while you’re here in through your nose. Inside Out and staying on this point, all this fear, all this fear. Yeah, and then under the arm. It’s right under the armpit where it meets your breastbone right there. All this fear,

all this fear.

And then just pause, relax, take cleansing breath, you can close your eyes. Right and just notice what that was like for you. Right? Did it increase your intensity? Because you’re focusing on it? Do you feel more calm? Do you notice where your fear is in your body? You know, I did your number go down? Yeah. Yeah. So we can do one more round. And if you notice that their fear is somewhere in your body, like your throat feels blocked, which is very common for people that are working on this. Or there’s tightness in your chest or your solar plexus, like right under your at the right under your chest. You know, it was like your third chakra there. Some people feel it there or there’s a clenching in your jaw or it’s giving you a headache or whatever it is increasing your heart rate, right? Anything you can attach that to the words as we’ll tap so we don’t need to do another setup. It’s just right back to the top of the head because it’s the same subject. Okay, so still still have all this fear. I still have all this fear. And if you’re feeling better say but I’m feeling better, but I’m feeling a little better. Good inside the eyebrows. I have this fear

this fear

and it’s in my if it’s connected to your body somewhere

and it’s in my tummy. Okay, out arrived

so this fear in my tummy and whoever’s watching you just add in your own right under the eyes this fear in my tummy. This fear in my tummy. Yeah, and under the nose. All this fear I have in my tummy. All this fear I have in my tummy and on the chin. This fear in my tummy. This fear in my tummy. And under the collarbone another deep breath in here. Big sigh out all this fear in my tummy.

All this fear in my tummy.

And then under the arm still have this fear, this fear. And that’s okay. That’s okay. Okay, and pausing again and just relaxing. Taking a deep breath. Cleansing Breath. So deep breaths really helped to move the energy chair staying hydrated and drinking lots of water helps to move the energy. A couple of things that I would recommend is you can tap on the points and just breathe before you’re going to sing because that will help to quell the anticipation of doing it right. And then after you sing if you feel like oh no, I don’t know if I did a good job right? You can also do the same thing just tap around doesn’t even have to be any words and just kind of quell the numbers down. If you’re comfortable using the words you can say oh I don’t know even though you know I just saying and I don’t think I did a really good job. I know I’m accepting myself anyway. Right? You know, you can add in the words and you know I’m feeling some judgment You’re right, yeah. Or beforehand, you can say all this anticipate, even though I’m anticipating having to sing, right, I’m choosing to find peace and clarity. Now, that could be another acceptance statement. And you can do the same thing I’m anticipating I’m anticipating I’m anticipating, right? And kind of, you know, talk yourself down that way. I mean, you know, this can be used for anything under the sun. And it’s great to wake up with, it’s great to go to sleep with it’s, you know, like I said, it’s a game changer.

Wonderful. One of the phrases that I used with some of my students is just this idea of being open to the possibility. Yes, a lot of people feel like, Oh, I’m just not a good singer. So I kind of try to get people to that’s a phrase that they use an EFT as well, right. So I’m open to the possibility that I’m good as that I’m a better singer than I think, or that I’m going to enjoy my singing even. You know that I’m going to have fun no matter what, when I sing. Because for me the enjoyment of doing it is vital.

Yes, yes, absolutely. That’s great. Yeah, cool.

Anything else you can tell us about the tapping? I mean, I heard from one EFT, practitioner, about tapping just the tips of your fingers, would you ever recommend that one to people,

so if your emotional intensity is above seven, when I work with my clients, privately, I mean, even if I’m in like a private group or something, you want to get that number down to seven or lower before you really add words to it, because most likely, you’re just going to increase your intensity. And EFT is all about decreasing. Right? We don’t want to increase anything, we don’t want to, you know, trigger you anymore. So. So I would say that, in and of itself is just a great thing to just doing the tapping and breathing to get the numbers down to seven or below and then you know, put the words into it. You had said

simply by tapping tapping the fingers.

Oh, tapping. Yeah. So that is something that I do is there’s a base, the basic recipe is what we did, but then there’s also rib points. So right underneath your chest, you have the top of the ribcage there, and it kind of points out. So you can do the rib points there. You can add that and then you can go into the finger points. Yeah, route points is a good one. So finger points are right on the outside of the thumb. And then outside of the pointer outside of the middle finger, the other side of the ring finger, and then inside the pinky, and you want to do something

tricky. So the outside

so it’s right on the side. Mm hmm. Same spot on the pointer. Same on the middle. Same on the pinkie. It’s just the ring finger is the other side, because it’s where the meridian points end. Right. So you do the same thing.

Yeah. Yeah. And then back into this side for the little thing. Yep. Okay, great.

Yeah, yeah. And the you would do both hands. Okay. And that definitely adds a lot of relaxation and calming to your body. If you’re, if you’re really intense.

Mm hmm. That is absolutely magical. It’s absolutely crazy that we can change our, our neurology and our stress levels so quickly, by just tapping our body on our finger, yeah, face or something. And

go ahead. I just, I’m sorry, I just wanted to add in that, you know, what we just did now is a very quick fix and a momentary fix and, but you do need consistent practice in order to get the permanent, long lasting results, because your brain is wired right now, to have to be in this fear and to only behave in a certain way. And in order to create new neural pathways and rewire the brain. You have to it takes time if they say it takes about eight weeks to do that. So that’s why with my clients for longer

clients on it, would you work with them weekly? Or do you go on for a month or two? What way can people work with you?

So I have three or six month programs, three months is usually the healing part. And then the second three months, which people always end up signing up again for the three months anyway. So you know, but sometimes they have a fear of jumping in for the whole six months, but so the first three months we meet every other week for 90 minutes because we do deep healing and Your body needs time to integrate all of that. So there’s time in between. But I also offer Voxer support. So you have me access to me almost 24/7 in between the sessions anyway. So it’s not like we do a session, and then we’re done. And I don’t see you for two weeks, right? You know, you’re there. I’m there to support you through whatever was happening during in between the sessions. And then the second three months, we do meet every week, because that’s more goal setting and keeping you accountable. With a little more practical, we still are using EFT, but we’re doing more like activations affirmations, and really creating a new self image for you of who you want to be. And that needs more weekly types of sessions.

I’m very curious to try it myself. It sounds so intriguing, especially on the idea of self image, because we all have our default, what we think about ourselves and how we feel about life. And it’s very hard to shift that and I’m moved, you know, obviously, from Ireland to the US, I have to think differently to be able to succeed in an online business and to be, you know, living so far away from my family and to see myself as maybe traveling more. So. Yes, I maybe need to talk to you a little bit more about this, Merrill. And I’m sure, listening, we are going to be very curious about working with you as well. And now, just to mention, also, I know you have a group program, and you have some other ways people can connect with you, right?

Yes, so I currently have an EFT for stress release program that is a foundational basics program, so that you can learn how to use that in your life to really manage your stress. And then I have a group program going on. Now, that’s a higher end program, very similar to my private programs that I was talking about three or six months. It’s a three month healing program. But that’s group. And, you know, we can go we can only go so deep in the group, but we do work on the inner, you know, healing your inner critic and your inner child as much as we can, and then coming out with a new group program, probably February of 2022. So I’m working on that now with well,

we wish you every success with that. Thank you so much for joining us today. And I will be including your social media and website links in the notes with the podcast. And is there anything that you’d like to say to our listeners, before we finish up?

What I’ll say is that you do have a choice for whatever you want in your life, you just have to get out of your own way. And I would just say, keep following. Keep your eye on the goal. And don’t worry about the how, and just keep going and keep going and keep going because you will get there and just reach out for help and support. Because I mean, I have my own.

Yes, definitely. I think sometimes we try to make changes on our own. And it’s much, much harder. And I’ve actually was listening to an audio book, and the author was saying to gather a Dream Team. Gather a dream team around you, somebody who believes in your dreams. And if you have to, you know, sometimes your friends and family are going to do that. But not always. Having a coach or someone on your side who’s part of your dream team is very valuable because they don’t know the person you’ve been your whole life. They’re not going to be like, Oh, you’re this type of person, Aideen or you’re a little bit lazy Aideen or, you know, you’re a bit flighty, whatever it is, that I’ve demonstrated in the past. So it’s great to work with someone who’s a bit more objective.

Yeah, and you have to block out those people that are not on your path with you. You have got to learn how to either let those people go or just block out the naysayers, right? You and keep staying on track to what you want.

Beautiful, and I think with singing as well, sometimes we can think oh, I’m only I’m aiming for this amazing performance, but really if you enjoy singing, and you can get involved and you can go to karaoke or join a choir or a singer in the house, so we don’t need to to be always aiming for perfection. And but you know, don’t let someone tell you Oh, why are you doing this? Why are you doing singing like singing is good for your health. It’s good for your mind. It’s good for your blood. It’s good for your breathing. There’s always reasons just saying even if you’re not going to be a big star, right? It’s been such a pleasure to have you, Meryl. Thank you so much for joining us today. And I encourage any of my listeners to look up EFT tapping and find out a little bit more and check out marrows website and keep singing. We want you we really were rooting for all of you to enjoy your singing more. So that’s it for today. Thank you everyone for listening. Bye bye. Thank you

See you Thank you.

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