Aligning Your Life with Your Internal Calendar with Regyna Curtis – Episode 55

Regyna Curtis is a soul mentor for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. An innovative leader in the corporate world, academia, and entrepreneurship, Regyna is an expert at interpreting patterns and trends to help her clients to overcome challenges and align strategies with their natural energies.

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Regyna Curtis as we uncover the secrets of aligning with our own natural cycles.

In this episode, we explore the profound impact of understanding seasonal cycles on personal growth. Learn how aligning your activities with periods of growth, harvest, and letting go can transform your life. Regina’s unique approach helps us tune into our internal energy, offering tools for living a sustainable and nourished life. Find out how the art of using astrology as a calendar can help you navigate life’s ebbs and flows.

Regyna Curtis is a soul mentor for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. An innovative leader in the corporate world, academia, and entrepreneurship, Regyna is an expert at interpreting patterns and trends to help her clients to overcome challenges and align strategies with their natural energies. In addition to being a best-selling author, she is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator on using astrology to align with the wisdom of your personal seasons.

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Aideen Ni Riada: 0:03

Welcome to the Resonate podcast with Aideen. I’m Aideen Ni Riada, and my guest today is Regyna Curtis. Welcome, Regyna .

Regyna Curtis: 0:10

Hi, thank you. I’m so excited to be here.

Aideen Ni Riada: 0:13

I’m excited to have you. You’ve got such an interesting way of working, a weight to the listeners. Get to find out how you can help them align their energies with the natural cycles of their life. But before we do that, let me tell everyone a little bit more about your background. Wonderful Regyna Curtis is a sole mentor for passionate entrepreneurs. An innovative leader in the corporate world, academia and entrepreneurship, Regyna is an expert at interpreting patterns and trends to help her clients to overcome challenges and align strategies with their natural energies. In addition to being a best-selling author, she is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator on using astrology to align with the wisdom of your personal seasons. Tell me, eugenia, how did you find confidence in your voice to start working with people in this way?

Regyna Curtis: 1:12

Yeah, thank you so honestly. It really has been a process of really just being a process, like sitting with the process of it. So for me, it’s really important for me to be able to understand and embody something through experimentation in my own world. And once I understand something, then I share it, and I can share it with confidence and I can share it with joy. So my journey with astrology and learning about my personal seasons and my personal energy has been pretty much a lifelong journey. I started really working intentionally with astrology as a tool for myself in 2004. And then in about 2017 is when I started to bring that into my work. So it’s been this process of kind of like a slow experimentation try it out, share it a little bit, bring it back in, try it some more, and now it’s something that I spend all day, every day, talking about and working with people, and I love it every day talking about and working with people, and I love it.

Aideen Ni Riada: 2:30

I really love how, following that kind of process which is completely unique to you like you weren’t following anyone else’s blueprint or anybody’s idea of what you should have been doing, it was really an internally guided process that has actually seemed to have created a very unique business for you right?

Regyna Curtis: 2:50

Absolutely yes, and it is one of my core values that when I am working with someone, that the tools that I share, the information that I share, the way we work together, it really is a collaboration and it is honoring their ways of you know, their natural ways of knowing and being their energy as well as my own. And I think that is a little bit different than I’ve experienced in a lot of other types of partnerships or mentorships where it’s like I have this knowledge and I’m going to share it with you. Mentorships where it’s like I have this knowledge and I’m going to share it with you. I do have knowledge that I’m going to share with you, and then I’m going to listen and we’re going to apply it in a very specific and unique way for you.

Aideen Ni Riada: 3:36

I love that. It’s about empowering people to also tune into that own natural energy of their own, because, you know, when we are mindful, we can certainly sense what it is will fit for us today, like, do I have the energy to do this or to do that? And sometimes we have to push ourselves to do things we’re uncomfortable with. I know that as well. But sometimes we’re being called to rest. Yes, and you, we have to learn to interpret that message from our own bodies or from, sometimes, our environment will help us know. Like my husband might say Aideen, go and rest you know, because I won’t think of it myself.

Aideen Ni Riada: 4:22

Yeah, so, yeah. So you help people to tune into their own natural energies.

Regyna Curtis: 4:28

Absolutely yes, and to cultivate a set of tools that are going to help you when you have that recognition. So everything that we do, there’s a relationship between internal and external energies, and so there are those external indicators. Like your partner, my partner will say I think you need some yoga, and I know exactly what that means, and she’s generally right. I do need some yoga when she tells me that. And so those are external indicators or information. We also have internal indicators and information, and both have a role, both have a purpose, and when we can be attuned to both of those and know how to support ourselves and what tools to bring in, regardless of the indicator comes from the external or the internal, then that is sustainable right, that is nourished and supported.

Aideen Ni Riada: 5:34

And you developed your system through astrology. Would you like to explain to people how astrology can help us on a day-to-day?

Regyna Curtis: 5:42

basis I can yes, I did develop it through astrology. However, I use astrology in a very different way. I definitely use it as a tool and it is a essentially it’s a calendar. I like to say astrology at its essence is a calendar that helps you tap into and work with your internal cycle of development, right, your energetic cycles. And so astrology was developed many, you know, a long, long time ago, right, and the first people who made a calendar, who recorded a calendar that we know of, were the ancient Egyptians, and then the Babylonians actually took that and added more information to it, and this is where the basis of the astrology that we use today has come from. And so that’s exactly what it is. It’s a calendar. It is. Over thousands of years.

Regyna Curtis: 6:40

People have noticed that there is this rhythm, there’s a pattern that is present, and then have observed that and noted it and then taken it to the next level. Oh, when this pattern happens, this information happens, or these themes are present, or this type of energy, this type of emotion or way of being seems to be really prevalent here, of emotion or way of being seems to be really prevalent here, and so what that is doing, it’s those external indicators that I was talking about. Right, just like when your husband says, aideen, you need to rest. It may be the same, even though it’s not a voice of somebody that you know coming and saying that to you. Energetically, those indicators are present and you may feel them more in your internal energy. So you can use this calendar to help you recognize those periods of time and those themes and those energies before you get to that point where it’s like, oh, I need to rest. Right, you can have some knowledge about it.

Regyna Curtis: 7:42

So I like to relate it to a weather report. If you are going to go spend a day outside, you probably will look at the weather report. What do I need to wear? What kind of tools do I need to bring with me? Is it going to be windy? Do I want to wear my hair up? Do I need an umbrella? All of those things, right. And it doesn’t say that if it’s raining or snowing or whatever, it may be that you can’t do that activity, but it’s giving you information so that you can be prepared for the environment you’re walking into, and that’s what astrology can do for you too that’s yeah.

Aideen Ni Riada: 8:19

Yeah, that’s amazing because we can be so unprepared at times, and I know that you work with the seasons as well within that calendar, and I thought that was fascinating because everybody understands well, depending on where they live in the world, their seasons may be different, but we understand that winter has a different energy to summer. So how do you relate seasons to an astrology chart?

Regyna Curtis: 8:46

Yeah, I love talking about this. So, especially after, you know we’re recording this a little before it’s actually going to come out, but right after the new year, right Like when the new year happens and it turns. You know we’re recording this a little before it’s actually going to come out, but right after the new year, right Like when the new year happens and it turns. You know it just turned to 2024. When that happens, there’s all this energy towards it’s a new year, new beginnings. All this energy towards like we need to start new things, but energetically. The seasons were actually in the middle of winter and winter is a slower energy. It’s not actually a time for starting new things. It’s a time for dreaming into new things. Yes, not energetically. The motivation, the energy is generally not there to actually put them in place, because we need to integrate all that we’ve just processed and all that we’ve just experienced.

Regyna Curtis: 9:37

So spring, when spring rolls around and I’m talking specifically, more so to the Northern Hemisphere at this point, and I’ll talk about what that looks like with Southern Hemisphere in a moment, if we have time so in the spring, that’s when things emerge. Life begins to wake up and come out of its shell and come, like the buds start to open and things start to emerge, and that’s when the energy to actually put things into place happens. So there is this natural cycle of the seasons. Regardless if you’re in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere it just may be flipped of when those things happen outside, in nature, right Internally, we have the same cycle, we go through the same four seasons.

Regyna Curtis: 10:26

You just may not do it in the same cadence or pace or timing as what’s happening outside in the external world. Yet those are energies that everyone is familiar with from a very young age. So when I say, oh, you’re in your spring season, or you’re in your fall season or your winter season, there’s already a general resonance with what that energy is. There’s something tangible to tie it to. But if I were to say, oh, you’re in Libra season, or Scorpio, or your moon is in Sagittarius and squaring your ascendant in Aries, which those things wouldn’t happen, but anyway that’s just jargon and I would not understand it anyway.

Regyna Curtis: 11:13

Exactly right. So those words and that’s why I just threw a bunch of words out there, because that’s what they are they’re just words. They don’t have meaning until you can resonate with it, you can apply it, you have something tangible to touch, and the seasons are, so everybody has a relationship with that in some way.

Aideen Ni Riada: 11:30

Yeah, and I think it’s interesting because we have done a little bit of work on where my seasons sit and I’ve also been meditating a lot on a seed being.

Aideen Ni Riada: 11:42

You know, sown a seed, maybe learning to reach to the sky, to bud, to open up the bud, to close the blossom, to let go. Like we’re all in cycles of starting and finishing things and every time we start something new, something has to be let go of. Like we just don’t have capacity to keep adding, adding, adding, adding. Those. Those periods of time where we let go of things can be so, so hard. So when you explain to me that I have different phases of my year that are good for sowing seeds, that are good for harvesting, that are good for letting go, that actually was a really beautiful way for my meditation on sowing seeds to kind of evolve and to have more nuance.

Aideen Ni Riada: 12:31

So I’m very excited to apply what you’re suggesting and I love how, yes, the use of the seasons as descriptors is so accessible to people. It’s phenomenal what you’re doing. This is like, so unique and your voice is so in the right place and so aligned. But I know that hasn’t always been the case for you. Was there a particular moment in your life where you realized, hang on a second, my voice needs to change here? I’m not quite expressing myself the way that it feels that I am on the inside.

Regyna Curtis: 13:12

Yeah, so well. First of all, thank you for you, for you know the beautiful words you just said about my work and, um, it is, it is very much aligned. It feels so clear and so, uh, correct, so aligned for me. Um, and with that being said, that wasn’t always the case. Uh, not that the this work wasn’t always the case, not that this work wasn’t aligned, but that I didn’t feel so clear or so confident in sharing my voice. And I can relate back to when I was in kindergarten is when I would say that I actually really had, I had an experience where I felt like my voice was it’s not that it was taken from me, but it was squashed and I learned to keep my voice quiet.

Regyna Curtis: 14:02

So I have always been an intuitive being. I’ve seen the world in a very different way than a lot of the people around me. I see things on a deeper level. I can pick up on things that I’m not supposed to see necessarily. Especially as a kid, I knew things that I hadn’t been told. I could pick up on energies of things happening that were not shared with me, up on energies of things happening that were not shared with me, and I didn’t know the difference at that point of how to determine what was what, and I also was a very vibrant, vivacious learner. I always have been. I just consume information. When I get excited about something, I’m interested in something, I can, just I eat it, like I say sometimes, like I just eat through books, or I just eat information until it’s like settled in me. I’m like, okay, I’ve got the level that I needed and so I learned to read far before the time that I ever went to school.

Regyna Curtis: 15:13

I had an older sister. She taught me how to read when I was about three years old and so when I went to kindergarten I could read books and people were just learning the alphabet. And I remember very clearly going to my kindergarten. There was like an interview that you would go to and they would place you depending like I don’t know. There was some kind of test that you had to do so they could tell where you were, and I was so excited. I’d been waiting for years to go to school. I was ready. It was like my favorite game to play with my sister. She would teach me things and I thought school was going to be like that. I got to my kindergarten interview and I was. I remember this one point where I had to toss a beanbag and count as high as I could count and I was like 120, 121. And the woman was like, how high can you count? And she was just like bored with it and I was so excited, like I know all these numbers. I know all these things.

Regyna Curtis: 16:11

So anyway, fast forward to a couple months into the school year. We’re just learning the alphabet. I’m bored to tears. I’m like all we do is play and I can play at home. I had three siblings. I could play at home and I did not want to go to school anymore.

Regyna Curtis: 16:29

I hated it. I remember one day my body would not move and the bus was outside and I was being yelled at like get on the bus, why aren? The bus was outside and I was being yelled at like get on the bus, why aren’t you going? And I was just frozen and I couldn’t make my body move and I finally just burst into tears and I was like I can’t go, I hate it there, I don’t want to go anymore.

Regyna Curtis: 16:47

And the result of that was my parents having a conference with the teacher. They told her that I was bored and I needed to be more challenged. They suggested skipping me to the first grade, and my parents thought that was a bad idea because I already was one of the oldest kids in my class. So the result was they gave me homework, and my homework was to write stories about things that I was interested in. So I did, and I got out my Harry Scary dictionary. I don’t know if any of you know what that is, but it’s this really fun dictionary. It has all these pictures and it has words with it. And so I was like so excited I wrote this whole story about oranges.

Regyna Curtis: 17:27

For some reason I was excited about oranges, brought it to school, handed it in so excited I got accused cheating that they said that my mom had written the story for me because no kindergartner had that vocabulary Right. So it immediately shut me down. I went through a series all through elementary school in being like too advanced for certain things, or knowing too much, or like it just kept coming in waves of like there’s no way that you know these things, or you shouldn’t know these things, or you’re going too fast. It’s making other people uncomfortable. And I learned to just stay quiet. I learned to just stop sharing my you know all of the things that I was excited about and all of the things that I knew, and to just go within and experiment on my own and eat those books on my own in my own time. And so I developed this practice of self-development and introspection and working with these tools on my own, because it wasn’t safe for me to do it in public, and that’s how I learned all these things about astrology.

Aideen Ni Riada: 18:44

Yeah, and you learned also that it wasn’t safe to be fully you and that must have affected how you approached your working life or like at what point did you start going? Hey, I’m going to share everything now because up to I mean marketing yourself, like was that a big challenge at the start?

Regyna Curtis: 19:06

Yes, it was a very big challenge. At what point? So the point was when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. It literally was spilling out of me. So for all these years, I think it’s really an interesting analogy that I use, and I’m just kind of reflecting on this right now.

Regyna Curtis: 19:32

But the fact that I use the word consume right, I consumed information, I would just take it in this right now. But the fact that I use, like, the word consume right, I consumed information, I would just take it in, take it in, take it in, but I didn’t have anywhere for it to go because I didn’t feel safe sharing it. Right, so I would, or I would, only share it in very small safe circles, very small, like intimate relationships, but it just there was so much that I had consumed and had processed and like integrated, but there’s always like I couldn’t share it, I didn’t feel like I could share it. And then in my like in my corporate career and in my, you know, in some of the spaces, like I could share certain pieces, but not all of it, right, like, just like when I was little, and I would be told like, oh, that’s too much information, you shouldn’t know that information, don’t share that right, or that’s not really things that we tell people. Like I knew when people had died. I knew when people had gotten married. I knew when, you know, like as a young kid and I hadn’t been told these things, right? I remember my mom coming to say like, oh, I have some news for you. And I was like, oh, so-and-so got married. And she’s like how do you know these things, right? Um… and so I found, through that reaction, the same reaction when I was in my corporate career, where people would celebrate me for being innovative and being able to come up with new ideas.

Regyna Curtis: 20:58

But then there was a line that I couldn’t cross in how creative I could actually. Be right, don’t show up in purple hair. Don’t show up in purple hair. Don’t be a bleeding heart in meetings, in a corporate boardroom where you’re trying to talk about people’s emotions. Don’t share the things that you intuitively know, even though you know something’s not going to be a success, but you don’t have any facts to back it up other than your gut feeling, which is, by the way, like all the time correct and that’s okay. Just don’t share that right, don’t tell people that. And so there was this process of like I could share a bit of me here, but not all of me, and so what would happen is I would share that piece and then I would be like, okay, I don’t fit here because I didn’t fit there, all of me didn’t fit there. So then I would go somewhere else, right? So if you look at my resume, it’s diverse, and it wasn’t because I couldn’t keep a job or that I was scattered. It was because I was constantly trying to find the place where I could be all of me, and it was none of those places. Be all of me and it was none of those places.

Regyna Curtis: 22:10

In 2017, I started learning Reiki and I just I got this intuitive, had an experience where it was like very clear to me that I needed to go figure out how to use these parts of my being and allow them to be a part of me and not try to hide them or squash them.

Regyna Curtis: 22:30

And through that process, I learned the confidence that I needed, because I was with people who understood me and I really did feel like I could be all of me in that space. And from there, things just expanded and skyrocketed and it was like this outpouring where, if you look at the timeline of my life. It looks like, wow. That was a very short period of time that you went from, you know, being in the corporate world to suddenly being an entrepreneur and now you have all these things that you’ve accomplished. It’s because it had been simmering under the surface for a very long time and it was just the confidence that I needed to start sharing it, and as soon as I did, it really resonated with people. It’s clear. It’s confident thing that I love about you know very intelligent people is.

Aideen Ni Riada: 23:22

They may know so much, but they know also how to simplify something and give people a tool to use that looks like anybody could use it, but you know everything behind why you’re choosing to call it this. You’re giving people access to something that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access if they went to a regular astrologer. Right, I think that’s one beautiful thing. It’s something that I’m I have a great. That’s one of my biggest values is fast tracking people and giving them access to their voice without needing to train their voice, like for eight years. Or you know people and giving them access to their voice without needing to train their voice, like for eight years, or you know to give them access to their intuition faster than you know. I may have grown my intuition and my mom actually is a guitar teacher and she simplified her way of teaching the guitar and made it easy for people to, within the first two weeks, play 30 or 40 songs. Wow.

Regyna Curtis: 24:32

That’s great.

Aideen Ni Riada: 24:33

Yeah. So I have huge respect for you, Regyna , because I see you. I see that you’ve done something actually genius with your work, but I know that not everybody will get how genius it is because it looks so simple oh, I really appreciate that and um, yeah, that is actually really what my goal is.

Regyna Curtis: 24:58

And you know, I think that that time that I spent kind of dipping around through different careers and, um, different things, like there’s a it’s it’s vast right, like it’s not that I did a lot of many jobs, but that I went through very different careers. Right, I was an elementary art school teacher and then I was taught teacher’s professional development and then I was doing consulting in different ways and very business focused, so very different areas of expertise. But one of the things that I think I gleaned from that, that I gained from that, is that I can speak to a variety of different people and there is a simplicity, like when I was speaking to a kindergarten classroom. There was a simplicity needed there and I learned how to do that in a way, and I would. I would actually have parents come in and say they were like you speak to my, my kids, in a way that is like they’re adults, you know, like the projects that you give them are very advanced and they are excited and they’re capable and you know all of these things because it really is just finding.

Regyna Curtis: 26:09

You know, you find the pattern, you find the trend, you find that thread of what is actually needed and then you pull that out and it’s simple, it’s clean, anybody can use it, from a kindergartner to, you know, a PhD, whatever. Whatever the information is the same and it doesn’t need to be complicated. So, even though I see all the layers being able to simplify it, that I really just appreciate you saying that, because it is my goal right To make it tangible, to make it usable, to make it simple so that anybody can access it. And then, if you want to go deep, I will go deep. Right, I will go through all the layers and all the things, because I have explored it all and I love having those conversations, but we don’t have to start there.

Aideen Ni Riada: 27:01

Yeah, and I’m just wondering about this idea of helping people find their uniqueness. You know like it sounds like when you were working with the kindergarten kids, you could see something in them. You could see what it was. They were curious about what they’d be passionate about, what they would be willing to invest their time in, and sometimes, as adults, we need that kind of guidance as well. Do you help your clients a lot with that type of guidance too?

Regyna Curtis: 27:28

Absolutely yes. So in my community that I have the kind of like top tier level that we have is called Vision Activator, and I love that title because it is really what I help people do. I help them activate their vision of what they are wanting to create, and one of the things that working with your personal seasons helps you do is to get in touch with both that external seasons, this external information, and the internal information. And when you can learn to read that internal information, which is not always visible, sometimes it’s felt sense actually use the word times. So we receive information from what I call your soul, wisdom, right? Your internal, your inner knowing, your intuition.

Regyna Curtis: 28:21

You receive it through five different channels T-I-M-E-S. So there’s the thinking channel. Sometimes it speaks to me through emotions, so emotions are not something to try to set aside. I mean, there are different ways that are socially appropriate to experience emotions, but emotions are important. They’re information coming from our body to help you understand what is happening, right? So anyway, that’s a little tidbit for you so you can use that. So, T-I-M-E-S thinking, images, movement, emotions and sensory.

Aideen Ni Riada: 29:21

Absolutely, because it’s about tuning, it’s about noticing stuff you know and not just barreling through and I know plenty of us are good at the you know and not just barreling through, and I know plenty of us are good at the just getting on with things.

Regyna Curtis: 29:36

Well, we’ve been very conditioned to do that in our society. But yeah, it is. Yeah, there’s a difference between moving through something with intention and pushing through something that is really not the most supportive thing for your body.

Aideen Ni Riada: 29:49

That is really not the most supportive thing for your body. Yeah, yeah, because real success is when your health is respected as well, your relationships are respected as well, and all of that takes presence, I would say, is the word when you’re present to everything that’s going on.

Aideen Ni Riada: 30:09

So I mean I could keep when you’re present to everything that’s going on. So I mean I could keep talking to you all day and all night. But we are getting towards the end of our allotted time for our session today. How would you suggest people get in touch with you or find out more about the kind of work you’re doing?

Regyna Curtis: 30:25

Absolutely so. I teach a workshop every month on the 28th of the month and it rotates what time it is so that it works for all time zones. It’s called Charting your Course and it is listed on my website. My website is at maytreecom, so at, maytree is the name of my company, and it is two Sanskrit words put together that really mean a journey of kindness towards yourself. So that’s what that word means. If you’re curious, and so at matricom, which I’m sure you’ll put in the show notes, the workshop is called Charting your Course. And then, if you’re just curious, you’re like, I really don’t know if this is for me, but I really want to learn more. On my website there’s a page called connect and you can just set up a call with me and we can, we can chat about it. I would love to do that.

Aideen Ni Riada: 31:16

It’s so worth doing. I have, I have my chart of my seasons here beside me. I’ve printed it off as per my teacher’s instructions. So I’m, I’m really, you know, I think I think this applies to so many people that we are more than what meets the eye, and when it comes to my relationship with you, that’s exactly what I noticed. It was okay, Regyna , I like her, and then, the more I, you made me very curious, because you speak about things that other people don’t speak about. So my curiosity was piqued, and the more I get to know you, the deeper I’m starting to understand your, your contribution to the world and its healing and its alignment with, with, basically, light and and truth, which I think is really to be true to ourselves. If your voice can express your truth, everything will fall into alignment. So thank you so much. Is there anything that you’d like to say to the listeners before we sign off?

Regyna Curtis: 32:25

Yes, so my best advice, especially when it comes to something like intuition, astrology, some of these terms some people are really comfortable in those realms and are excited to explore Wonderful. If this is new to you and you are curious, if your curiosity is peaked, like you just said, aideen, then get curious right, stay curious. Just take one little step right and perhaps that is just kind of reaching out and saying you know, maybe it’s just opening up my website and reading a little bit, maybe it is reaching out and having a connection, maybe it is coming to the workshop, right. Maybe it’s just kind of going and exploring astrology on your own. So allow yourself to just follow those nudges, those nudges of your intuition, to say, okay, this is something that I’m curious about, follow that, and then take the next one right, then the next step, then the next step. Just follow those breadcrumbs and don’t try to consume the whole thing all at once.

Aideen Ni Riada: 33:36

Beautiful advice and remember as well that we are here for you. If you would like my help, or if you’d like Regyna help, or you’d want to ask a question, we would really welcome that. You can definitely get in touch with us. Thank you so much. Regyna Curtis, I don’t know if I can say your business name, Atmetri.

Regyna Curtis: 33:55

Atmetri. Yeah, perfect Atmetri.

Aideen Ni Riada: 33:57

Yeah, it’ll all be spelled out in the show notes, everyone. So we look forward to finding out more about you, and I’m just so excited that my listeners have gotten to meet you today.

Regyna Curtis: 34:09

Thank you, this has been an absolute joy. Thank you for having me on the show and thank you all for being here and listening.

Aideen Ni Riada: 34:15

Yeah, Thank you to everybody listening and we look forward to having you listen to another episode of the Resonate podcast very soon, I hope. Thank you so much, Bye-bye.

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