Secret Singer's COMMUNITY

Welcome to the Secret Singers Community! I’m so happy you found us!

This is perfect for you if: 
  • you would love to sing more – it makes you feel GOOD!
  • you are searching for a safe, supportive place to discover your voice & your inner light
  • you value learning how to transform your singing
  • you dream of singing for your family and friends
  • you want to conquer your fear and find vocal freedom!

I’m Aideen and I kept my singing a secret for ages even though deep down I knew I could sing and I absolutely loved it! Singing brought out a part of me that was so precious but I also felt vulnerable about it and easily discouraged. 

Now I’ve created this SAFE SPACE for other secret singers to find JOY in singing and the COURAGE to sing for others

My role is to give you the secrets to singing well that I’ve discovered on my journey and to hold this space for you to grow your confidence and start standing up to be heard. Sound good?

This community isn’t just a place to LEARN about how to sing and improve your confidence, it’s also a lovely friendly place for you to CONNECT with other “secret singers”, SHARE your songs when you are ready and receive SUPPORT as you come out of the shadows. 

By joining you are investing in your SELF EXPRESSION and are supporting your health and WELLNESS long term too!

  • Aoife Linehan
    I have learned a huge amount from watching your videos and now just need to start practicing it!
  • Paula
    ``Fish face`` is working very well for me, Aideen! It has been a revelation... it's a great way of describing that technique.
  • Aisling Cranley
    You shared great information on how to find your own voice, how to be relaxed when you are singing with excellent techniques, as much as anything else it was great fun!
  • Tina Ralph
    Aideen, you so helped me find my voice, I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to practice, thank you 🙂
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