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1 Hour Private Lesson


Call or text Aideen on 089 982 9914 or email to arrange the details of your lesson.

Discounts apply to packages of 6 x 1 hour lessons following your introduction lesson.



Do you wonder if you could sing?  Or maybe you know you can sing but you don’t have any confidence in yourself? If you wish you could give singing another go and want some encouragement, tips and technique then we can help.

Maybe you were discouraged from singing at a young age or maybe experiences during your life have affected your confidence and it’s time to get it back again.  These fun, informal and relaxed lessons are perfect for absolute beginner or less experienced singers like you.

Who is it for:

  • To learn to sing better and boost your confidence
  • If you want to prepare your party piece
  • To improve your technique to sing in musicals or a choir
  • To prepare a song for your wedding day, click here for more information.

Duration: 1 hour

NOTE: Lessons are scheduled weekly, 48 hours is required if you need to reschedule

Frequently Asked Questions

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