Make This NEW Year Sing

1 January 2024
Make This NEW Year Sing

Raise your vibration for 2024 through the transformative power of song!

We all want change but it’s so hard to stay the course and keep positive when there are challenges along the way. We can anchor our intentions and goals in different ways using a vision board, writing our goals down, having someone to hold us accountable but my favourite option is to sing my intentions into reality.

Using singing and song, unifies our mind, body and soul and integrates both sides of our brain, left and right, for better problem solving. Singing your new year’s resolutions will help you stay the course through the year and supercharge your goals!

Join Lowry Olafson, Founder of PowerSongs, and Aideen Ni Riada, Intuitive Voice Confidence Coach, on a journey to discover the joy of singing and songwriting as a tool for personal growth and manifestation. Re-energize your intentions and resolutions for the new year.

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What You’ll Learn:
1. Tune In to Your Best Life:
– Explore the power of song to create positive change.
– Tune out negative thoughts through singing and songwriting.
2. Set the Tone for 2024:
– Get clear on what you want and give yourself permission to have it.
– Harness the power of song to set your new goals into motion.
3. Sing Your Desires into Existence:
– Raise your vibration to receive abundance through music.
– Sing your PowerSong everyday to manifest your desires.
4. Sing Your Way to Your Best Self:
– Discover the stress relieving benefits of singing for yourself.
– Enjoy your singing more and set your voice free (if you can’t sing in tune!)

Join Lowry Olafson and Aideen Ni Riada to embrace the joy of singing, alleviate stress, and unlock your creative potential. Don’t miss this chance to make 2024 a year of positive transformation through the art of song!

Hosted By:
– Larry Olfson Lowry:
– Professional Singer-Songwriter – released 9 albums – toured the globe
– Facilitator of 600+ songwriting sessions with more than 15,000 people
– Creator of PowerSongs and BrandSongs for Speakers and Coaches
– Aideen Ni Riada:
– Intuitive Voice Confidence Coach for Heart-Centered Creatives and Business Owners
– Founder of the Voice & Song Summit
– Host of The Resonate Podcast

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