Do you watch people performing and wish that it was you?  Would you love to be able to sing in front of other people but you don’t have the confidence to do that?  Do you have a voice but find it sometimes lets you down and you wish you could make it sound good consistently?

This course will help you prepare to sing for friends and family so that you have more fun singing and experience fewer nerves. Includes preparing a solo song of your own and one group song for a professional fully staged concert. Warm-ups, tips and techniques included each week.

Course includes:

  • 8 classes of 2 and a half hours per class
  • Teas and coffees at each class
  • Experienced, qualified singing instructor
  • Professional accompaniment for rehearsals and concert
  • A fully staged concert with professional lighting and sound management

ALSO included:

  • Video of your performance for your own use
  • Discounted rates on private lessons during the course
  • Membership of a private Facebook group called the Secret Singers Club

As featured on RTE Nationwide, Ireland’s Own, Farmer’s Journal and Irish Independent

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to improve their singing and prepare for a performance and boost their confidence

Class size: Max 8 people


Week 1: Warming up, singing in tune, breathing and posture
The basics of singing are the foundation for improving and as we can’t see inside our own voice box, it is important to get feedback and start to feel how to create a better sound. We start with breathing exercises, then making funny noises and move from there to singing warm-ups.  Awareness of your breathing is essential for controlling nerves.

Week 2: Picking songs that suit your range, learning your song
Each voice is different and certain songs may suit you better than others and regular practice expands the range of notes that you can easily sing. Learning a song accurately is similar to learning a speech or a poem. It takes some focused time and attention and I give you an approach that can speed this up.

Week 3: Developing confidence
Confidence means that you trust yourself and it takes time to develop it. The weekly classes allow for the time to build on the techniques you need to trust your own voice. Also, having a group of like-minded people who are encouraging and supportive helps you to feel more confident and your self-esteem gradually improves.

Week 4: Techniques and tips for improving your sound, Moving from low to high notes
The sound you make originates with your breathing and the control of pitch is more about your ability to hear yourself and the muscle control.  To improve your voice we cover the shape you create inside your mouth as well as visualisations that can unlock tension.

Week 5: Expressing the meaning of a song
To me, the meaning of the song is THE most important element of singing. Even if you’re voice isn’t where you would like it to be, when you bring your full emotion and feeling to it, you can reach the audience in a profound way.  If a song is emotional for you then you’ll need to accept and control those feelings and relax when you sing.

Week 6: Connecting with the audience
Firstly, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin and have the ability to stand up and be seen and heard. What is your message? Each song has a message and to connect with the audience we discuss what that message is for you and how different ways of singing it can enhance how to connect with the listener.

Week 7: Using a microphone, performance skills
Using a microphone will bring up nerves for most people and it can be hard to hear yourself amplified. Just getting used to how to use it and how it sounds will help.  Singing for other people means singing TO them and communicating. We work on tuning into the room and the audience to allow you to do just that.

Week 8: Class and rehearsal, working with musicians
Rehearsals are a chance to decide how you want to enhance your song with the accompanist. Some songs are more straight forward than others and it takes a few goes to start to feel comfortable with it.  We cover how to communicate your chosen tempo, dynamics and mood for your song with the accompanist.

Concert: A full staged concert with professional accompaniment, lighting and sound management

The concert is a lot of fun, though you may be nervous you will also be cheering on all your classmates and you’ll look forward to hearing them all.  You’ll get to see behind the scenes during the sound check.  This is the time to get friends and family to come and support you as you break all your barriers and achieve your goal of singing in public. Participation in the concert is optional. If any participant doesn’t feel ready then they can just sing in the group song.

Facilitated by: Aideen Ni Riada, experienced singer and vocal coach

A non-refundable deposit of €100 is required in advance to book, balance due on or before. the 1st class.

  • Tina Ralph
    Aideen, you so helped me find my voice, I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to practice, thank you.
  • Pat Sudsworth
    I never thought I could ever sing but with the confidence I gained in the last few weeks, I even sang at a concert!.
  • Aine O’Grady
    The singing with confidence course with Aideen was great number one for breathing techniques which I really need help with and secondly for your confidence to be able to get up and do what you’ve always wanted to do and sing a song with confidence. I found the course brilliant.
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