One to One Voice Coaching

Invigorate your singing again and dramatically improve your own tone, ability and confidence with 1:1 lessons.

When you learn to sing a song, you are choosing to express yourself in a way that can be raw and real.  We tend to choose songs that we relate to and that have a message that comes from your heart.

Remember that many iconic singers didn’t have perfect voices like Bob Dylan and yet they touched the hearts of all who heard them. And you can too.

Even if you’ve been told you can’t sing and you’re not sure if you have a voice – now is the time to find out – book a free consultation below.

If you used to sing but something stopped you in your tracks and your voice hasn’t been the same since – it’s not too late!

If you sing already but you keep losing your voice or struggle to sing your high notes consistently – I can help.

These fun, informal and relaxed lessons can bring you from singing only to yourself to having the confidence to sing at parties or concerts.

What to expect:

Feel more confident in your voice

Experience freedom & joy in your singing

Dig into your songs so that you really know them

Get ready to share your voice!


  • Breathing and posture
  • Staying in tune
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Moving from low to high notes
  • Picking songs that suit your range
  • Developing your unique voice
  • Expressing the meaning of a song
  • Developing confidence

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About Aideen

Aideen is an Intuitive Voice Coach, Mentor and Singer. She unlocks the mental and emotional blocks to being seen and heard so that you can speak up, Sing OUT and step forward in life with renewed faith in yourself.

She blends her knowledge of psychology, spirituality and voice training to uncover the hidden treasure within your unique voice. Aideen can help you to sing & live joyfully by transforming your self doubt into self confidence!

Since launching Confidence in Singing in 2016, Aideen has been featured on RTE’s Nationwide, Beat 102 103, and South East Radio, with mentions for her work in Ireland’s Own and the health supplement of the Irish Independent. Aideen also produces her own original music and is currently working on new material.

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