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Learn to Sing for YOUR Wedding

A song can convey love in a unique way. Even if you don’t normally sing or don’t know if you can sing, this is your chance to wow your special someone and all the guests on your wedding day.

Lessons are FUN and they will help you to sing at your best on the day and keep your nerve too. Start by booking a free consultation today.


  • Picking the right song
  • Handling nerves and keeping emotions in check
  • Expressing the meaning of the song
  • Breathing
  • Improving your tone
  • Staying in tune
  • Posture


  • Jenn & Chris
    Several of our friends and family said our song was the biggest highlight of our wedding day.
  • Chelsea
    Singing at my wedding felt like an important was of expressing my love to my future husband.
  • Dee Ring
    Thanks for helping me rediscover my voice and for bringing the joy of music back into my life!
  • Dianne Fitzharris Doyle
    Aideen helped me face my fear and gain the courage to do what I love so much, SING!
  • Amy Lanci
    Aideen really supports you in finding the blocks restricting your voice. The way she does this is so profound!

About Aideen

Aideen is an Intuitive Voice Coach, Mentor and Singer. She unlocks the mental and emotional blocks to being seen and heard so that you can speak up, Sing OUT and step forward in life with renewed faith in yourself.

She blends her knowledge of psychology, spirituality and voice training to uncover the hidden treasure within your unique voice. Aideen can help you to sing & live joyfully by transforming your self doubt into self confidence!

Since launching Confidence in Singing in 2016, Aideen has been featured on RTE’s Nationwide, Beat 102 103, and South East Radio, with mentions for her work in Ireland’s Own and the health supplement of the Irish Independent. Aideen also produces her own original music and is currently working on new material.

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