Secret Singer's CLUB

Welcome to the Secret Singers Club! I’m so happy you found us!

Are you someone who sings in the car or the shower? Maybe only one or two friends or your partner know that you can sing? Deep down you LOVE it and wish you could sing more?

So many people come to me saying they would love to sing but they think their singing is so bad that they even apologise to me! Does that sound like you?

I’m Aideen and even I kept my singing a secret even though deep down I knew I could to sing and I absolutely loved it. Every time I sang I felt more myself and more free than ever before! It brought out a part of me that was so precious that I really treasured in myself but it was also so vulnerable that I would also go through phases when I would get discouraged and I didn’t sing at all. This meant my life felt empty and I would shrink from the world feeling less and less confidence in myself.

Now I’ve created this safe space for other secret singers to explore their singing that I would have loved back then. My role is to give you the secrets to singing well that I’ve discovered on my journey and to hold this space for you to grow your confidence and start standing up to be heard. Sound good?

This is for you if you: 
  • dream of singing for your friends and family
  • would love to sing more – it makes you feel good!
  • are searching for a safe, supportive place to discover your voice and your inner light
  • would value tips and techniques to help you improve your singing
  • want to conquer your fear and find vocal freedom!

Here you can discover your unique voice and message. You’ll learn the fast ways to improve your voice, how to warm up and build your confidence in all areas of your life. Then with engagement in the group you will be supported and accountable to your singing goals.

This community isn’t just a place to learn about how to sing and improve your confidence, it’s also a lovely friendly place for you to connect with other “secret singers”, share your songs when you are ready and receive support and encouragement as you come out of the shadows.

What it includes:

Group Vocal Coaching Calls (worth $80 per month)

These group video calls happen LIVE using Zoom Video Calls so we can see each other! You can ask questions and have them answered there and then. And you will be invited to share your experiences with your singing and even sing on the call – when you feel ready for it.  You will learn a lot from the advice I give others in the group and when you get your turn, we focus specifically on what’s holding you back. These calls are recorded so even if you don’t make a call you can watch it later!

Access to my on-line singing program Fast Track to Singing with Confidence (Worth $40 per month)

The on-line program creates a step-by step journey for you to explore your voice and gain vocal FREEDOM starting from a basic foundation level. The exercises transform your singing systematically. And even experienced singers will find their singing is utterly transformed by using the tips and techniques I reveal in the program. From this foundation you will discover your own true voice and start to trust it more which is what confidence really is – trust in yourself.

Weekly Voice Training Videos in the Facebook Group (Worth $40 per month)

Each week in the Facebook group I will be highlighting tool or technique for you about singing and confidence for you to focus on for the week. These tools are ones that have literally transformed my students singing in a matter of weeks. I use them when I’m performing too so I KNOW they work. The trick is to practice it which is why we will discuss the weekly tip in the group on-line call also so that you will be clear exactly what you need to do to make it work for you too.

Access to a Members Only Private Facebook Community (Worth $20 per month)

This is a safe supportive space where you will meet like-minded people, make friends and share your singing journey – the high notes as well the low notes! Here you can share videos of your singing and get feedback and encouragement from the group to help you improve!


Affirmations for confidence: This is an audio meditation specifically created to boost your confidence when singing and to open up your mind to absorbing all you are learning quickly as well as believing in yourself more.

Warm up exercises: This 10 minute video warm up covers basic posture releasing exercises, breathing exercises and a vocal warm up. Also available in audio MP3 format.

Weekly Facebook Live Check In: Once a week, I check in to the Facebook group for a live pep-talk and to set a focus for your weekly singing practice. No matter what stage you are at with your singing, it’s important to sing regularly. Like physical fitness – if you don’t use it, you lose it and your singing won’t be consistently good until you consistently sing! So, I’ll be there to remind you!

The Secret Singers Club investment is worth $180 per month so it’s great value at only $44 per month


I want you to get full value of your membership so please commit to participating in the group and attending the group coaching calls to help you keep your focus! If you do get side tracked or have other priorities you can cancel your subscription at anytime!

  • Aoife Linehan
    I have learned a huge amount from watching your videos and now just need to start practicing it!
  • Paula
    ``Fish face`` is working very well for me, Aideen! It has been a revelation... it's a great way of describing that technique.
  • Aisling Cranley
    You shared great information on how to find your own voice, how to be relaxed when you are singing with excellent techniques, as much as anything else it was great fun!
  • Tina Ralph
    Aideen, you so helped me find my voice, I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to practice, thank you 🙂
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