RESONATE with Your Best Life & Business

Imagine creating your ideal life, work and clients by aligning to your Joy + Passion. 

Your message matters. It is your truth. It is represents the values that you embody. BUT it has to come from your CORE. 

Even if no one else in your life can see it – you DO know what YOU want and you have inner guidance. You just need to learn to trust that.

In RESONANCE you will find your voice, your message and you’ll receive the support you need to have the courage to express it. You’ll be able to stand out and speak up in a positive way that you may have never dreamed of before!

Here’s how…

JOY comes when we truly accept ourselves and acknowledge our gifts and passions

FOCUS is possible when we identify with the the person we want to become

INSPIRATION is inevitable as you become more confident to just be YOU


1:1 Mentoring

How would you feel if you could finally express yourself to the people who matter the most?

RESONATE – Group Mentoring

When you’re no longer holding yourself back, you can bring magic back into your business!


  • Michelle Connor
    Aideen has a wealth of knowledge on life coaching, building self-confidence, and the importance of finding our own voice.
  • Kim Downey
    Aideen blows me away every time with her deep understanding of what is holding me back emotionally and physically from living my best life.
  • Amy Lanci
    Aideen really supports you in finding the blocks restricting your voice. The way she does this is so profound!
  • Ami Leadingham
    I am so impressed by the compassion she brings to those that struggle with insecurities and helps them build confidence from the inside out.
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