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Secret Singers Concert


This is a fun, relaxed evening of music. All are welcome. I hope you can make it!

Booking: Wexford Arts Centre 053 9123764 or

Tickets: €12/ €6 under 18s



Our next concert is a swish affair in the Wexford Arts Centre! We are excited to present our “secret singers” performing a lovely range of songs from different genres including folk music, cabaret, pop and traditional.

Our performers come from all ages and levels some who haven’t sung in public before or haven’t sung since childhood but always wished they could. Their secret is finally out and this is their dream come true. If you have a secret wish to be able to sing, this concert may inspire you to take the next step so please come and support other secret singers.

This is a fun, relaxed evening of music. All are welcome. I hope you can make it!

“I attended a secret singers concert recently I just want to say I have never enjoyed something as much it was the most comfortable feeling, no one was there to be judged and it wasn’t a competition they were all equal and they all enjoyed it so much, you could tell by their performances, they had each other’s backs and Aideen and her fantastic team has given then that a new found confidence.” Jeanette Sidney Kelly

“WHAT A NIGHT at the Art Centre, Secret Singers Concert, to each and every performance, you amazed me so much. You all come so far , the confidence up on stage, in your voices also in the songs. Great to hear songs that were personally wrote by the singers. Each and everyone of you made my heart warm up.” Patricia Quirke

Contact Aideen for more information 089 9829914

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