Finding your voice is a journey to finding yourself!

My own journey to self awareness started with meditation. As I learned to quiet my mind and relax in my own skin, I began to realise what was truly important to me and developed the confidence to pursue those things.

Now I am honoured to invite you to join me as I share my experiences and understanding in these classes. The class begins with a guided relaxation and then mantras for example “om” etc. The mantras originate in Yoga as well as the Buddhist and Sufi traditions.


  • Kim Downey
    Aideen blows me away every time with her deep understanding of what is holding me back emotionally and physically from living my best life. Her mantras and meditations leave me feeling nourished, loved and protected.
  • Amy Lanci
    Aideen really supports you in finding the blocks restricting your voice. The way she does this is so profound! She has shown me how to strengthen and feel confident in my voice.
  • Michelle Connor
    Aideen has a wealth of knowledge on life coaching, building self-confidence, and the importance of finding our own voice.
  • Ami Leadingham
    Aideen loves supporting those that struggle with insecurities of being seen and helps them build confidence from the inside out. I am so impressed by the compassion she brings to her clients.
  • Collen Rosenblatt-Farrell
    Your warmth, playfulness & transparency create a beautiful learning environment. Thank you so much.



 Discover deeper peace through chanting ancient sacred mantras.


 Start living life to the full by connecting with the Divine and healing the past.

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I'm Aideen

I’ve been there – I’ve tried and failed.

I’ve muddled through my life with no self belief, I wished I felt safe enough to shine.  I dreamed of being a singer but part of me was saying, I can’t do that!

It took a lot of soul searching & self awareness to realise that I had to face myself first before I faced the world.  And I found a way to do it that felt good – I stopped giving myself such a hard time. I started to value myself.

My journey has taught me a lot about life. I found my voice – I learned to sing from the heart and trust my intuition. I stopped wishing, I started taking action & began teaching what I know.

Now, I blend my knowledge of psychology, spirituality and voice training to uncover the hidden treasure within your unique voice.

Find your voice. Stand up with me and be seen!

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