Aideen Ní Riada Singer, Voice Coach & Mentor

Aideen Ní Riada is a singer, voice coach and mentor helping people with self doubt to connect with their authentic message and come out of hiding into the spotlight.

Aideen helps her clients break through their insecurities and fear of being seen so they can boldly express themselves in ways that feel good to them, whether that’s at home with family, in the classroom, or with colleagues, clients and employers, or even out on the world stage.

Aideen developed her own confidence over many years, mistakes and adventures.  Even after a childhood of singing in choirs and musicals and taking singing lessons throughout her college years, Aideen still didn’t believe in herself. She attended a personal development workshop in her late 20s and was asked “what is your dream, Aideen?.” Her reply? “I want to be a singer but I CAN’T do that”.

“Once I was shy and found it hard to feel confident in business and my creativity. When I found my true message and the most authentic part of myself, I suddenly found I was able to stand up and be seen, and what was a struggle began to feel easy and fun.

Now I am passionate about helping others to be more true to themselves as they step out of the shadows into all they came here to be.”

Aideen studied Psychology in University College Dublin which has helped her to develop a teaching and mentoring style that helps students become more confident and overcome self-limiting beliefs. She has a diverse range of singing education and experience, from classical and jazz singing to speech level singing and has been awarded a Diploma in Popular Vocal Music Teaching from London College of Music.

Aideen founded Confidence in Singing based on her passion for giving students the confidence to find their voice, face their fears and just have fun with singing through singing lessons and workshops. And she now also mentors women who are struggling to speak up in their home life, work or social lives.

Aideen has been featured on RTE’s Nationwide, Beat 102 103, and South East Radio, with mentions for her work in Ireland’s Own and the health supplement of the Irish Independent. Aideen also produces her own original music and is currently working on new material.


Welcome to Confidence In Singing!

We help adults who want to learn to sing for fun.

At the start of 2016 I began teaching singing in small relaxed group classes and within a short few months, Confidence In Singing was born.  I quickly found that my background in psychology was useful when I was helping my clients to overcome their fears to become more & more confident.  Confidence in Singing has since taken on a life of its own! I teach individual lessons (in person & online), group workshops and courses and I hold regular concerts to give participants a chance to perform for friends and family.  Classes are in New Ross and Wexford Town and on-line private lessons also available. My on-line course is going to be available soon too!

I call my participants “secret singers” and they each choose their own songs based on what appeals to them whether it’s traditional, pop, folk or even rap. The classes are a lot of fun, everyone is in a similar boat and wants to give singing a go and enjoy it more. With support and encouragement over the course of a day or the weekly classes participants, all learn quickly and their singing improves too.

Who is it for?
Confidence In Singing is for anyone who would like to learn to sing for fun or who wants to boost their confidence when singing.  My participants are generally adults of all ages but I also teach teenagers.

Some of my clients don’t know if they can sing at all before they start and with a little encouragement and the right tips, they have gone from strength to strength. Many of those who participated in my workshops and course have gained the confidence to sing in public for the first time.

Other people know they can sing but wish they had more confidence. They may need some help on techniques like breathing, posture and how to hit the high notes. With a few lessons, they start hearing the voice they knew was in there somewhere and then their confidence soars.


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